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Main Points of President’s News Conference

Aug. 29, 1962 - Following are the main points of President Kennedy’s news conference today:

Supreme Court — He announced the retirement of Associate Justice Felix Frankfurter and the nomination of Secretary of Labor Arthur J. Goldberg to succeed him.

Tests — He rejected the Soviet Union’s proposal for an unpoliced moratorium on all nuclear tests beginning Jan. 1. He said that the proposed date was feasible if the Soviets agreed to a system of inspection against underground violations.

Cuba — He said the U.S. is not going to invade Cuba and that it would be “a mistake.” He said the Government had no evidence that Russia had sent combat troops to Cuba. The U.S. is talking with its NATO allies about the use of their shipping in Soviet trade with Cuba, he said.

Foreign Aid — He denounced persons who would “cut the heart out of the foreign aid program.” He said it was the height of folly to spend $50 billion for defense and to cut foreign aid in a way that would force countries to give in to the Communists. It is ironic, he said, that those who condemn communism most strongly are those who want to cut the program.


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