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Liston Trains for Rematch with Patterson

Mar. 1, 1963 - Sonny Liston resumed training for his first title defense today in Miami Beach after a week’s layoff and seemed more bothered by the taunts of Cassius Clay than he was by a wrenched knee. At one point, Liston stalked to the side of the ring and cocked a massive fist toward Clay, who quickly stopped his chatter and jumped out of the way. Liston, looking overweight, shadow-boxed and worked on the bags for 10 rounds, his first workout since a week ago when he twisted his right knee swinging a golf club for a photographer. The injury brought a postponement of his Miami Beach defense against ex-champion Floyd Patterson from April 4 to April 10. When Liston spotted Clay, second-ranked heavyweight contender, sitting among the ringside onlookers today, he snapped, “Get him out of here.” “Say, he watched me train, now I got a right to watch him,” said Cassius, holding his seat. Clay let Liston have several rounds of his usual patter while the champ worked out: “I’m the greatest, man, you’re the ugliest, and I’m the prettiest. You got to go when we fight.” “When you ready, you got it. I can leave both my legs at home and beat you,” said Sonny. Then the glowering champ ambled to the ropes and suddenly drew back one of his huge fists, cocking it toward Clay, standing just on the other side of the ropes. Clay wasn’t sure whether or not Sonny meant business, but he declined to stay within range to find out.


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