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🚨Liston KO’s Patterson in First Round of Heavyweight Championship Fight

Sept. 26, 1962 - Nobody got his money’s worth at Comiskey Park last night except Sonny Liston, the new heavyweight champion. He knocked out Floyd Patterson in 2 minutes 6 seconds of the first round of their heavyweight title fight and took the first big step toward becoming a millionaire. Liston’s massive right fist exploded on a vulnerable target only once. It jarred Patterson loose from his senses and brought a startling, abrupt finish to what had been billed as perhaps the fight of the decade. Actually, this scheduled 15-rounder could hardly be called a fight. Perhaps five solid blows were struck before it was over. Liston’s first notable connection was a left hook to the head. Patterson sagged against the ropes. His glazed eyes probably did not see the favored challenger launch a chopping right to his head seconds later. Patterson was still on the canvas struggling to regain his feet when Referee Frank Sikora counted him out. The only heavyweight championship fight in recent memory that ended more quickly — by only 2 seconds — was Joe Louis’s knockout of Max Schmeling in their rematch on June 22, 1938.

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