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LBJ: Vice Presidency No “Comedown”

Mar. 26, 1963 - Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson said tonight he has no plans to seek the Democratic Party’s nomination for the Presidency in 1964. Speaking on an ABC-TV news interview, the Vice President said who will be nominated in 1964 “will depend on the delegates” to the nominating convention. Speaking for himself, he said he is a “great admirer of the President’s leadership, and I have been for a long time.” “I would certainly hope that the delegates who are elected would look with approval upon the work the President has done and that I have attempted to do,” he said. Mr. Johnson said he did not feel the vice presidency was a “comedown” from being majority leader of the Senate. He said he has been “very gratified at the opportunities that have come my way.” “I think I would have been quite dissatisfied if the only assignment I had would be to preside over the Senate,” he said. “The President has been very understanding and asked me to undertake assignments from time to time which have been quite challenging and very gratifying.”


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