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LBJ Launches Vietnam PR Campaign

Mar. 25, 1964 - The Johnson Administration has opened a campaign to help break through bureaucratic, industrial, and shipping bottlenecks to hurry the delivery of equipment for the war against the Communist Viet Cong guerrillas in South Vietnam.

In a program reminiscent of World War II and Korean War procedures, the Administration has produced “pep talk” posters urging all Americans to support the Vietnamese war effort. The posters urge bureaucrats, manufacturers, and shippers to “Back Up Our Americans Now.”

The poster carries a quotation from a speech by President Johnson. It reads: “We are heavily committed on South Viet-Nam with 18,000 of our fellow American citizens there and we should all of us not go to bed any night without asking whether we have done everything that we could do that day to win the struggle there. President Lyndon B. Johnson.”


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