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Khrushchev Claims to Oppose Expansionist Wars

Jan. 14, 1963 - Premier Khrushchev said on his arrival in East Berlin today that the Soviet Union would not go to war to establish communism in any country. This was not a new line for the Soviet leader, but its reiteration at this time gave it significance. Mr. Khrushchev will lead the Soviet delegation at the East German Communist party congress opening tomorrow. The congress is expected to provide the setting for another round in the bitter ideological dispute between the Soviet Union and Communist China over the means to achieve communism in the non-Communist world. Putting aside his text, the Soviet Premier told an audience of Communist notables and hand-picked East German workers: “We will not fight, we will not conduct a war to set up a Socialist society in any country because we believe that this is a matter for the people concerned, an internal affair for every people. But our sympathy is on the side of the grave-diggers of capitalism.” The Soviet leader also gave Walter Ulbricht a demonstratively warm endorsement as Communist East Germany’s leader, kissing him five times.


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