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John Glenn Water-Skis with Mrs. Kennedy

July 22, 1962 - With President Kennedy looking on, Lieut. Col. John Glenn, the astronaut, and Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy waterskied today. Col. Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth, his wife, and two children are weekend house guests of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy in Hyannis Port, Mass. The Glenns joined the President and Mrs. Kennedy on a cruise aboard the Kennedy family yacht Marlin, which had a full complement of Kennedys aboard for the Sunday afternoon outing. The President’s father, Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy, sat on the rear deck of the Marlin, wearing a white yachting cap. Col. Glenn and Mrs. Kennedy were towed on water skis by a small motorboat driven by Mrs. Ethel Kennedy, wife of the Attorney General.


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