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Joe Louis Ranks Cassius Clay Behind Floyd Patterson and Doug Jones

Aug. 10, 1963 - Joe Louis (right with Sonny Liston) has put Cassius Clay in his place — third place among the heavyweight contenders. The former heavyweight champion said Clay would have little chance now against Sonny Liston, the world champion. “Clay might stay out of his way for two or three rounds,” Louis said, “but that’s all. He wouldn’t prove anything if he took on Liston now. He isn’t ready.” Louis ranks Clay behind Floyd Patterson and Doug Jones as a contender, though Clay is the top challenger in all ratings. Louis said: “Clay is not too bad as a fighter. He just isn’t as good as he thinks. But you’ve got to give him credit. With all his bragging, he has brought back interest in boxing, and he’s good for the game because he draws sellout houses. He filled Madison Square Garden in the middle of a newspaper strike, and that’s something.”


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