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JFK Replies to Khrushchev’s 4th of July Message

July 5, 1963 - President Kennedy has renewed his appeal to the Soviet Union for a joint effort to solve “those key problems which divide us.” The President’s appeal, in a message made public today at the summer White House in Hyannis Port, Mass., was in response to a Fourth of July greeting in which Premier Khrushchev extended “warm congratulations and wishes of peace and prosperity” to the American people. The President’s message said: “The American people are grateful for your message of goodwill on the anniversary of our Independence Day. The American Revolution was based on the desire of our people to build a free nation in a world of peace. Today, that desire for peace is more urgent than ever. The world has long since passed that time when armed conflict can be the solution to international problems. That is why I share your desire expressed in your message that we move forward with understanding toward the solution of those key problems which divide us. I am hopeful that world peace, just and lasting, can be achieved.”


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