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JFK Polling Well Ahead of Goldwater

Mar. 19, 1963 - President Kennedy runs well ahead of Senator Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.) in a nationwide test of the two men’s political appeal. Goldwater’s share of the vote — in a Gallup Poll “trial heat” contest — is somewhat smaller than that polled by New York’s Governor Nelson Rockefeller when he is matched against the highly popular Chief Executive. Those polled were asked: “Suppose the Presidential election were being held today. If Barry Goldwater were the Republican candidate and John Kennedy were the Democratic candidate, which would you like to see win?” The vote:

Kennedy — 67%

Goldwater — 27%

Undecided — 6%

When Gallup reporters matched Rockefeller against the President, the results were:

Kennedy — 63%

Rockefeller — 32%

Undecided — 5%

Mr. Kennedy shapes up currently as a politician with the voter appeal of former President Eisenhower when he was at this point in his first term eight years ago.


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