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JFK: Missile Bases Being Dismantled

Nov. 2, 1962 - President Kennedy reported to the nation tonight that the Soviet missile bases in Cuba were being dismantled and “progress is now being made toward the restoration of peace in the Caribbean.” In a radio and television speech from the White House, Mr. Kennedy said aerial photographs and other indications had led the Government to conclude that the bases “are being dismantled, their missiles and related equipment are being crated, and the fixed installations at these sites are being destroyed.” Mr. Kennedy spoke just 11 days after his grave and dramatic announcement to the nation on Oct. 22 that he was imposing a naval and air quarantine on Cuba because the Soviet Union was building offensive missile and bomber bases there. But even as Mr. Kennedy spoke tonight, there was no agreement on international verification on Cuban soil following the rejection last night by Premier Fidel Castro of all such proposals.


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