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JFK Meets Cancer Society Poster Girl

Apr. 1, 1963 - President Kennedy opened the American Cancer Society fund drive today by accepting a symbolic volunteer award from a 9-year-old girl who has been cured of cancer. The Cancer Society poster girl for 1963, Becky Dufford of Erie, Pennsylvania, gave the President the first of some 2 million volunteer awards that will be given to citizens who perform outstanding volunteer work in the cancer fundraising and educational crusade. “I must be very lucky,” said Becky. “I was cured of cancer, and now I met the President.” She not only met President Kennedy, but took away his autograph: “To Becky from her friend, Kennedy” and a few Presidential gifts as well. After the ceremonies, Mr. Kennedy took her into a room adjoining his office and gave her a gold bracelet with a charm depicting a PT boat in a blue ocean.


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