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JFK Honors Reconnaissance Fliers

Nov. 26, 1962 - President Kennedy awarded decorations today to military units that took the aerial photographs last month that disclosed the build-up of Soviet offensive weapons in Cuba. The awards were the high point of a day-long inspection tour by the President. The tour took in Army, Air Force, and Navy installations in Georgia and Florida that played leading roles during the Cuban crisis. These installations are still on an alert basis — a fact underlined by the President’s declaration early in the day that “the danger is certainly not past” and may continue through the decade. White House spokesmen also emphasized today the President was inspecting, not merely visiting, the First Armored Division at Fort Stewart, Ga.; fighter and reconnaissance Air Force wings at Homestead Air Force Base, 40 miles south of Miami; and comparable naval and Marine Corps units at Boca Chica Naval Air Station near Key West.


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