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JFK Brother-In-Law, Stephen Smith, Running ’64 Campaign — For Now

Apr. 30, 1963 - The White House is approaching the 1964 Presidential campaign with only one major change in the team that managed John F. Kennedy’s narrow victory in 1960. That change would put Stephen Smith, Mr. Kennedy’s brother-in-law, in overall direction of the President’s re-election effort. Robert F. Kennedy, now the Attorney General, filled this role in 1960. Although no firm decision has been made, it is possible the Democrats may hold their national nominating convention as late as the middle or end of August 1964. No site has been picked for the convention, but Chicago, Atlantic City, and Miami Beach are the likeliest possibilities. Mr. Smith was active in President Kennedy’s 1958 Senatorial campaign in Massachusetts. He helped organize Kennedy-for-President headquarters in 1960, was an important fundraiser, and assisted in scheduling Mr. Kennedy’s extensive campaign travels. In 1962, he directed the successful Senatorial campaign of Edward M. Kennedy in Massachusetts.


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