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Jayne Mansfield is Missing

Feb. 7, 1962 - A fleet of yachts and small craft searched the waters near Nassau, The Bahamas, tonight for Jayne Mansfield (left), her husband (right), and a Florida friend after they failed to return on schedule from a water-skiing and boating party. The U.S. Coast Guard in Miami said it would send a plane to join the search at daybreak. The 28-year-old actress, her husband Mickey Hargitay and Jack Drury of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., left Nassau before noon in a 17-foot outboard motorboat. They were to have returned at 4 p.m. Harry Cline, editor of The Yachtman’s Guide, was aboard the second search boat to return. He reported that the seas were calm around Nassau but that there was no sign of Miss Mansfield’s boat. Miss Mansfield was to have announced a contract for a new movie this afternoon.


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