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Jacqueline Kennedy Visits Husband’s Grave

Nov. 28, 1963 - Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy delayed her trip to the Kennedy family’s gathering today while she paid a morning visit to the President’s grave in Arlington National Cemetery. She then returned briefly to the White House. Later, she and her sister, Princess Lee Radziwill, drove to Andrews Air Base in Maryland and took off at 12:40 p.m. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and his family remained in Washington for Thanksgiving at their home in McLean, Va. Mrs. Kennedy had been scheduled to fly to Hyannis Port at 11 a.m. with other members of the President’s family in the plane The Caroline, in which her husband conducted most of his 1960 campaign for the Presidency. Instead she drove across the Potomac to Arlington. It was her fifth visit since the President was buried Monday afternoon. When she arrived at Andrews, her children were already aboard the plane with their nurse, Mrs. Maude Shaw. Also aboard were Senator Edward M. Kennedy and his wife Joan; Sargent Shriver and his wife Eunice — a sister of President Kennedy — and the three Shriver children; and Mrs. Peter Lawford and Mrs. Stephen E. Smith, also sisters of the President. Two of the numerous Kennedy family dogs were along. Senator Kennedy and his wife and Mrs. Lawford had visited the grave earlier.


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