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Jackie To Have Third Baby at Walter Reed Hospital

June 4, 1963 - Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy (pictured this week at a children’s picnic on the South Lawn of the White House) has selected the Walter Reed Army Hospital as the place where she plans to have her third baby the last week of August. The White House confirmed today the Mrs. Kennedy would make use of the Presidential suite at the military hospital, where other first families and top officials have received medical care in the past. Her obstetrician, Dr. John W. Walsh of Washington, a former Army doctor, will attend her at the Caesarean birth, as he did when her son, John Jr., was born in November 1960. By selecting the military hospital, the President’s wife is assured a greater measure of privacy than could be obtained in a civilian hospital. A sample of the security which can be invoked at Walter Reed was evident today when reporters seeking information about the Presidential suite were told by the Army hospital spokesman that he had been instructed to “refer all calls to the White House.” Because her baby will be delivered by Caesarean section, a date can be planned in advance, and the last week in August has been set for Mrs. Kennedy. However, there is always the chance that premature labor could force a change in plans, as was the case with John Jr.


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