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Hyde Park Citizens Reminisce About Mrs. Roosevelt

Nov. 10, 1962 - Regular citizens of the village of Hyde Park, N.Y., spoke fondly today of the late Eleanor Roosevelt (pictured in 1948). Mrs. Roosevelt died Wednesday and was buried this afternoon. “Don’t ask these Republicans,” said Tony Romano, short-order cook in a diner, “but she was admired. Yes, she was a brilliant woman. You couldn’t say anything derogatory about her.” Mrs. Amy Schryver, wife of the Town Supervisor, added: “And she had beautiful eyes.” Joe Roberts brought his taxicab to a stop on the wet gravel outside and came in for coffee. “She liked to get into a conversation and see how you were,” he said. Mr. Roberts had often gone to the estate when he worked as a furnace repairman. “I seen her before she got sick,” he continued. “She was very pleasant and the most wonderful person I ever met. Harry S. Truman said it right — she was the First Lady of the World.”


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