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Hoffa Denies Kennedy Quote

Dec. 9, 1963 - James R. Hoffa (pictured right in 1958) said today the press had taken out of context a statement he issued after President Kennedy’s death concerning Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. Mr. Hoffa had been quoted as saying, “Now Bobby is just another lawyer.” The president of the International Brother of Teamsters said he had sought to convey that Robert Kennedy would now be among ten Cabinet officers and would not enjoy the same close advisory capacity he had had with the late President Kennedy. Mr. Hoffa added today that he felt about President Kennedy’s death as he would feel about the death of a teamster member who had left a wife and two children. Asked if he believed his union’s relationship with the Government would improve under the Administration of President Johnson, Mr. Hoffa replied that it would not improve until a new Attorney General had taken office.


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