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Highlights from President Kennendy’s News Conference

Mar. 6, 1963 - Following are some highlights of President Kennedy’s press conference today. (Pictured below is Mrs. Evelyn Lincoln, the President’s personal secretary, watching the conference on television.)

Legislation — The President called for citizen support of Administration bills on youth employment, medical and dental training, and mental health.

Nuclear Tests — Mr. Kennedy said the U.S. would not accept any nuclear test ban treaty under which the Soviet Union could continue to conduct a series of undetected underground tests.

Europe — The U.S. can defend Europe against Soviet attack with its own nuclear weapons, he said, but is putting forward the idea of a multilateral nuclear force in response to European concern.

Cuba — Mr. Kennedy said the “wisest policy” with respect to Cuba was centered on the isolation of communism in the hemisphere. A Caribbean war that might easily grow out of a blockade “is not to the national advantage,” he said. He feels the U.S. intelligence services did a good job in Cuba last fall.

Judges — Mr. Kennedy rejected a charge by Governor Rockefeller that he had named “segregationists” as federal judges in the South; he said appointees to the Federal bench in the last 10 years had “an extraordinary and very creditable record.”


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