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Highlights from President Kennedy’s Press Conference

Aug. 1, 1962 - Following are the highlights of President Kennedy’s news conference today:

Test ban — He said the Administration was reviewing its position on a nuclear test-ban treaty with the Soviet Union to simplify its proposed detection system in line with “technical realities.” But he added that on-site inspections of underground explosions would still be required.

Drugs — He called for Congressional support for an Administration bill to provide “additional safeguards” against the distribution of “harmful or worthless” drugs.

General Norstad — He described as “wholly unfounded” reports that the resignation of Gen. Lauris Norstad as NATO commander presaged a U.S. nuclear disengagement from Europe.

Peru — He saw signs of liberalization developing in Peru since the seizure of power by a military junta and expressed hope for “other evidences” of a speedy return to “constitutional free government.”

Nuclear tests — He said he had yet to decide whether the U.S. would complete its final three atmospheric nuclear tests in the Central Pacific, pending repairs to missile-launching facilities at Johnston Island. No further tests, he said, will be conducted in Nevada.


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