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Highlights from President Kennedy's News Conference

Apr. 11, 1962 - Following are the main points of President Kennedy’s news conference today:

Steel — He denounced the price increases announced by the steel industry as “wholly unjustifiable” and “irresponsible defiance” of the nation’s interests. He said that they would lead to higher costs for consumers, businessmen, and the Government.

Maritime strike — He said that he had ordered the Justice Department to seek a Taft-Hartley Law injunction to halt the West Coast maritime strike.

Reserves — He announced that the Reservists called up during the Berlin crisis last year would be released in August, but he cautioned that the decision was not the result of a “marked change in the international situation.”

Berlin — The return from Berlin of Gen. Lucius D. Clay does not imply the end of the crisis there.

Cuba — He attacked Cuban Premier Castro for putting the Cuban refugees “on the block” by demanding ransom money and said the U.S. would not engage in any such negotiations.


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