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Guy Lombardo to Present Weather Forecast on WPIX-TV

Aug. 10, 1961 - Guy Lombardo (pictured in 1955) has been provided equal time to present his own weather forecast over New York TV station WPIX. The orchestra leader had complained this week that "dramatized" broadcasts of bad weather forecasts were hurting the business of "Paradise Island," the show he produces at the Jones Beach Marine Theatre. Mr. Lombardo, whose musical renditions are billed as "the sweetest music this side of heaven," charged that weather shows were trying "to scare hell out of people." John Tillman, WPIX newsman, said he telephoned Mr. Lombardo yesterday and asked if he would like to present his own personal forecast on the station's weather show. Mr. Lombardo said he would be delighted. At 7:25 p.m. today, Gloria Okon, the WPIX weather girl, will present her report and then step aside for Mr. Lombardo's version of what the weather will be like this weekend.


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