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Governor Rockefeller Speaks in Philadelphia

May 26, 1962 - Governor Rockefeller called today for a renewed faith in the American dream and an extension of that dream to freedom-seekers everywhere. Mr. Rockefeller spoke to a gathering of several thousand in Philadelphia’s Independence Square. The ceremonies were part of the program on a banner day for American Baptists, who dedicated their new $8 million national headquarters at neighboring Valley Forge. Himself a Baptist, the New York Governor said, “We have developed the capacity for lifting the burdens from the shoulders of man.” He added that it must be developed still further “in a time of basic conflict between those who believe in freedom for all and those who believe man is merely a cog in a machine, which is in the service of the state.” “To make the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God a reality,” he said, “let us extend a helping hand to preserve freedom wherever it exists, through military help if need be, and to achieve freedom, where it is sought, through material help.”


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