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Government Forces Kill 153 Red Guerrillas in Rout

Sept. 18, 1962 - South Vietnamese Government troops scored a major victory over the Communist guerrillas today in the area around the village of An Hu in the marshes and swamps of the Plain of Reeds. At least 153 Viet Cong guerrillas were killed in a battle in which the American-supported Vietnamese used helicopters, light fighter-bombers, and amphibious fighter-bombers. The number of Viet Cong dead, confirmed by American headquarters, is believed to be one of the largest one-day totals in the war. Thirty-eight Viet Cong rebels were taken prisoner, and a large number of weapons were captured. Military sources said Government losses were small. Two of the ten American helicopters used during the day-long battle were hit by Communist gunfire. There were no American casualties.


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