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GOP Officials Disagree on Impact of Rockfeller’s Divorce and Remarriage

May 5, 1963 - Governor Rockefeller’s marriage yesterday to Mrs. Margaretta Fitler Murphy found Republican leaders in disagreement on how it would affect his chances of becoming his party’s candidate for President in 1964. Some Republicans felt the Governor’s divorce and remarriage to a divorced woman would not harm his political future. Among these were Senator Jacob Javits of New York and William E. Miller, the party’s national chairman. Other Republicans disagreed. Richard G. Kleindienst, until recently Republican chairman of Arizona, said the marriage would make Mr. Rockefeller a less desirable candidate. Arch A. Moore Jr., national committeeman from West Virginia, regarded Mr. Rockefeller’s image as damaged in that state. Senator Kenneth B. Keating, Republican of New York, said, “I wish them both happiness,” but he declined to comment on the political aspects of the marriage. No divorced person has ever been elected President of the United States.


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