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George C. Scott Declines "Hustler" Oscar Nomination

Mar. 5, 1962 - George C. Scott, one of five nominated last month for the best supporting actor Oscar for his portrayal of the vicious gambler in “The Hustler,” has sent a telegram to academy officials in Hollywood declining the honor. This is the first time in the Academy’s 35-year history that such a move had been made. An Academy official, who asked that her name not be used, said: “Despite his withdrawal, his name will remain on the ballot. If he wins an Oscar, he can refuse the award, but that is up to him.” Mr. Scott said today that the intensive campaigning done by the various nominees had become more important than the work done by the artists. “I did not send the telegram out of petulance or impudence,” he said. “I mean it as a constructive rather than a destructive move.”


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