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Four U.S. Airmen Found Alive in South Vietnam

July 18, 1962 - Four U.S. airmen, missing since their transport plane crashed into a South Vietnamese jungle mountainside Sunday, were found alive today after they had been virtually given up for lost. Hope had diminished that the crew of the Air Force C-123 could have survived. Twenty-one planes took part in the four-day hunt over territory dotted with bands of Communist guerrillas. A helicopter, unable to land at the rugged crash site 150 miles northeast of Saigon, lifted two of the airmen aboard in a sling and flew them to a field hospital at the coastal town of Nhatrang. A third had a leg injury and could not be lifted. The fourth survivor stayed with him, and medical personnel were lowered. U.S. authorities said none of the four had been seriously hurt. The four were identified as Capt. James E. Henderson of Seymour, Iowa; First Lieut. Winston R. Harris Jr. of Harlem, Ga.; Sgt. Charles F. Richards of Spring Lake, N.C.; and Sgt. Henry Stefanski of Fayetteville, N.C.


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