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Former President Truman Visits President Kennedy at White House

June 13, 1963 - Former President Harry S. Truman got a chance today to relive a little of his past when President Kennedy asked him to sit in on a White House meeting of labor union officials. When Mr. Truman reached the White House for a 4:45 p.m. appointment, Mr. Kennedy was busy in a civil rights meeting with nearly 300 labor leaders. Mr. Kennedy, however, left the meeting to greet Mr. Truman in his office. He escorted the former President to the East Room where the labor conference was in its closing stages. The union leaders gave Mr. Truman a standing ovation. He thanked them and then expressed his gratitude at there being a Democrat in the White House. “And I hope there always will be,” the former President added. Mr. Truman said he did not discuss the knotty civil rights problem with Mr. Kennedy, as they had been expected to do. He said there had been no need for them to discuss civil rights since his ideas for handling the present situation agreed with those of Mr. Kennedy.


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