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Former President Truman Interviewed on His Morning Walk

Oct. 10, 1963 - Former President Harry S. Truman, on his morning walk in New York City today, said that South Vietnamese First Lady Madame Ngo Dinh Nhu, a “visiting fireman,” would fade from the picture as soon as the news media paid less attention to her. Commenting on the announcement that France had a nuclear striking force, Mr. Truman said, “France has been experiencing a terrible inferiority complex and is still trying to get over it.” Discussing two European leaders who are retiring, Mr. Truman said Chancellor Adenauer was “one of the outstanding statesmen of this age,” and Prime Minister Macmillan was a “great man and great asset to Britain.” Asked how he ranked President de Gaulle, he said, “He hasn’t got any rank as a statesman. I told him that personally when he came to see me in the White House.” Finally, Mr. Truman said President Kennedy would be nominated for re-election “if he’s alive and physically fit.” The former President said he would return to his home in Independence, Mo., today.


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