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Former President Truman Holds Forth

Dec. 26, 1963 - Former President Harry S. Truman said today it was too soon for him to formally assess John F. Kennedy’s career in the White House. But, he said, Mr. Kennedy “will have a good reputation when history is written — he did a good job.” The former President spoke to newsmen briefly at New York’s Hotel Carlyle, where he and Mrs. Truman have been staying for the holidays. Mr. Truman called the renaming of New York International Airport (Idlewild) as Kennedy Airport a “fitting memorial.” In the aftermath of President Kennedy’s assassination, he said, Americans have wanted to rename almost everything “including the pups and cats.” “But after things settle down, we’ll get the right one [memorial] in the right place — and that will be in Washington,” Mr. Truman added. Gazing into his crystal ball, the peppery ex-Chief Executive said he had “no doubt” that President Johnson will be elected next year. Meanwhile, the late President Kennedy’s two surviving brothers, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and Senator Edward Kennedy, arrived in Aspen, Colo., today with their families and friends for a week of skiing. The Robert Kennedys brought four of their children: Kathleen, 11, Joe, 10, Bobby, 9, and David, 8.


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