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Former President Eisenhower Revisits Normandy

July 23, 1962 - Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower (pictured on June 5, 1944) and his grandchildren viewed the Normandy battlefield and some of the sights of Paris today. Dwight David Eisenhower 2d, 14 years old, and Barbara Anne, 13, are accompanying the former President on a European tour to Scandinavia, France, Germany, Britain, and Ireland. “I’m making this trip as a grandfather and for a holiday,” General Eisenhower said when he stepped ashore from the liner Queen Elizabeth at Cherbourg. Three special cars were attached to the train from Cherbourg to Paris for the Eisenhower party. From the parlor car at the rear, the group got a close look at the Normandy countryside, where the fighting centered in the early days of the invasion General Eisenhower led in 1944. A crowd of several hundred persons broke into a cheer and cried “Vive Ike” as the Eisenhower party left the railway station in Paris and entered cars for a drive around the city.


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