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Former Heavyweight Champion Jess Willard Sues over Fight Film

July 24, 1962 - Jess Willard, world heavyweight boxing champion from 1915 to 1919, sought more than $1 million in damages today on the ground that 47-year-old fight films were shown on network television without his consent. Mr. Willard, 80 years old, of La Crescenta, Calif., filed two lawsuits in Superior Court. The films are those of Mr. Willard’s historic 26th-round knockout of Jack Johnson (pictured) by which the famous “White Hope” captured the heavyweight crown. Mr. Willard lost it in 1919 when Jack Dempsey knocked him out. Defendants in the suit alleging invasion of privacy and infringement of the right of publicity are CBS, the Schlitz Brewing Company, Jim Jacobs, and Turn of the Century Fights, Inc.


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