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Folksinger Bob Dylan Performs at Town Hall

Apr. 13, 1963 - Bob Dylan, a folk musician, gave a program of his own compositions at New York’s Town Hall last night. Mr. Dylan is 21 years old, hails from Hibbing, Minn., and looks like a cross between a beatnik and a choirboy. He plays excellent guitar and one of the most inventive harmonicas to be heard these days. His voice is small and rough, but ready to serve the purpose of displaying his songs. The songs are among the best written in this country’s folk vein since Woody Guthrie stopped composing. Mr. Dylan’s compositions don’t fit into any pigeonhole. Whether his verse is free or rhymed, whether the mood is somber, crusading, or satirical, the words and melodies sparkle with the light of an inspired poet. The reading of a poem he wrote as an homage to Guthrie won a standing ovation at the concert’s close. The hall was packed with young people hanging on each and every one of Mr. Dylan’s well-chosen words.


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