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First Lady Plans to Campaign with President Kennedy in ‘64

Nov. 14, 1963 - Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy (pictured during the 1960 Presidential campaign) is planning to campaign with President Kennedy as actively as possible in 1964. Her only reservations, she has told friends, are her children’s needs, her health, and her official duties. Officially, President Kennedy is not yet a candidate for re-election, but it is just a matter of choosing a date to formalize what everybody knows. Mrs. Kennedy will accompany her husband next week on a two-day swing through Texas that is partly political. The itinerary includes a testimonial dinner in Houston and a fundraising dinner in Austin. A friend said Mrs. Kennedy had never been to Texas and was excited about the trip. Mrs. Kennedy does not know at this time how often she will speak, if at all, during the 1964 campaign. Her plans are firm only to the extent that she will do all she can, consistent with her other obligations, to help her husband win a second term.


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