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FBI: Oswald Killed JFK, Acted Alone

Dec. 9, 1963 - An FBI report went to a special Presidential commission today and named Lee Harvey Oswald as the assassin of President Kennedy. The report is known to emphasize that Oswald was beyond doubt the assassin and that he acted alone. The report further concludes that there was no link between Oswald and Jack Ruby, the man who killed him in the Dallas police garage. The Department of Justice announced that on the instructions of President Johnson, the report was sent directly to the special commission of which Chief Justice Earl Warren is chairman. The commission asked that the report not be made public until it had been reviewed and the commission had taken “whatever action it may feel appropriate.” The Justice Department said the FBI investigation was continuing and that any further facts that were found would be reported to the Warren commission. Among the findings that point to Oswald as the assassin are clothing fragments and fingerprints. The bits of clothing were found on the rifle used in the assassination. The prints were found on wrapping paper that covered the rifle when it was carried into the Dallas building from which the shots were fired. Oswald worked in that building and was there at the time of the assassination on Nov. 22. The rifle was identical to one he ordered under an assumed name last March. Oswald, who defected to the Soviet Union in 1959 but returned on June 13, 1962, was a pro-Castro agitator and apparently a paranoid personality who believed himself oppressed by society. The FBI had been aware of his agitating but had found no evidence that he was an agent of a foreign power. Ruby operated a nightclub in Dallas and was emotionally volatile. The evidence indicates that he appointed himself the avenger of the crime against President Kennedy.


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