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FBI Agent Beaten by Mafia Thugs

Apr. 3, 1963 - An FBI agent was severely beaten and stripped of his pistol today while observing a funeral gathering outside a Brooklyn church. Four men who attended the funeral were arrested. The agent, John Patrick Foley, 41, was one of several FBI men assigned to the funeral of Carmelo Lombardozzi. They were near the Immaculate Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Church at East Fourth Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway, where the requiem mass was held. The men arrested were John Lombardozzi (left), Carmelo’s son; John’s nephew, Camillo Lombardozzi; Daniel Marino, and Michael Zampello, all of Brooklyn. The FBI said another relative at the church, Carmine Lombardozzi, had attended the Apalachin, N.Y., gangland meeting of 1957 and that one of the agents — not Mr. Foley — had been taking photographs at the funeral. Carmine took no part in the attack. After fracturing Mr. Foley’s skull, all four suspects entered the church. John Lombardozzi was seized as he came out after the mass and the others as they left Calvary Cemetery in Queens after the burial. The agents said Mr. Foley’s pistol was found in a pew in the church. The FBI agent was taken to New York Hospital in Manhattan for treatment. Unable to post bail, the arrested men were taken to the Federal House of Detention in Manhattan.


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