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Eleanor Roosevelt Buried in Hyde Park

Nov. 10, 1962 - Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt was buried next to her husband in Hyde Park, N.Y., this afternoon. The three men who followed President Roosevelt in office, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy, watched under rainy skies as the coffin was borne into the rose garden of the old family estate. The burial of Mrs. Roosevelt, who died Wednesday, was preceded by a private funeral service at St. James’s Protestant Episcopal Church. Slightly behind President Kennedy stood Vice President Johnson. Mrs. Kennedy, in black, was at the President’s right, and Mrs. Truman accompanied her husband. Mrs. Eisenhower was not present. The only other living former President, Herbert Hoover, was advised by his doctor not to attend the funeral. The grief was evident in the strained faces and stiff bearing of the five Roosevelt children. The Rev. Dr. Gordon L. Kidd delivered a brief eulogy. “In the death of Eleanor Roosevelt,” Dr. Kidd said, “the world has suffered an irreparable loss. The entire world becomes one family orphaned by her passing.”


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