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Eichmann Likely To Be Hanged

Dec. 11, 1961 - Israeli judges rejected one by one today the arguments that Adolf Eichmann hoped would gain some mitigation of sentence for him. The former Nazi was convicted in Jerusalem of crimes against the Jewish people, crimes against humanity, and miscellaneous war crimes. As the judges pressed on with the reading of their lengthy judgment, observers believed that Eichmann’s chances for escaping the death penalty were fading. Eichmann’s main hope lay in his assertion that he had initiated a proposal to save 1 million Jews from annihilation by offering to exchange them for 10,000 Allied trucks in 1944. The exchange was never made. The court dismissed Eichmann’s contention as “nothing but a lie.” The former Nazi official, who shipped millions of Jews to death camps in World War II, faces sentencing late this week. Few believe the sentence will not be death on the gallows.


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