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Edwin Walker Arrives in L.A.

Apr. 2, 1963 - Former Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker (left) arrived in Los Angeles today with the avowed purpose of seeing that neither President Kennedy nor Republican Governor Nelson Rockefeller of New York is elected to the Presidency in 1964. “So far as I can see, they are one and the same party,” Mr. Walker said at a press conference. He arrived in a rented bus as part of an “Operation Midnight Ride” troupe headed by evangelist Billy James Hargis (center), founder-director of Christian Crusade, an anti-Communist organization with headquarters in Tulsa, Okla. Both men will speak at a rally at Shrine Auditorium tomorrow night. Los Angeles is the 29th city they have visited. Mr. Walker said today audience responses have showed the people resent Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, and that he is losing votes for his older brother’s Administration. Concerning Cuba, Mr. Walker said, “The people are interested in the Cuban Freedom Fighters, and they can’t understand why the only overt action against Castro is being cut off by the State Department.”


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