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Edward Kennedy: Freshman Senators Should be Seen and Not Heard

Dec. 9, 1962 - Senator Edward M. Kennedy today denied reports that he is seeking a position on the Foreign Relations Committee. A freshman senator is seldom invited to sit on this critically important committee, but there have been reports that Senator Kennedy, brother of the President, expected to be named a member. “This is completely untrue,” he said today. “I have a great deal of admiration and respect for the role that the committee has played and is playing in the Senate — the senior members who are on the committee. I honestly feel that there are so many people in the Senate whose experience, knowledge, and understanding of the problems — that they should serve on the committee. I feel very strongly about this. As the saying goes, ‘a freshman senator should be seen and not heard.’” He added, “I think this is based upon the very sensible explanation that there is so much to learn in the U.S. Senate.”


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