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East German Man Killed Trying to Escape to West Berlin; Two Companions Survive

Apr. 18, 1962 - An East German, mortally wounded by Communist gunfire, drove a three-ton dump truck through the Berlin wall today at a speed of 60 miles an hour. He died before crashing to a halt inside the Western sector. His two companions survived the daring escape. The truck driver who died was 24-year-old Klaus Brueske. One of Mr. Brueske’s companions, sitting with him in the cab of the truck, was wounded in the shoulder. Mr. Brueske was hit in the back by two of five bullets that struck the cab. The truck had been filled with sand to give it more battering power. The third man had concealed himself in the sand and was not hit by the gunfire. However, he suffered bruises from the severe jolting as the truck smashed through the wall and crashed into a building 250 yards inside West Berlin.


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