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Dog Days around the Kennedy Family

Aug. 14, 1963 - These are dog days around the Kennedy family. Another dog turned up today, and not even Press Secretary Pierre Salinger knew much about the animal except that it was No. 9 and not No. 8 because, although it was the eighth to arrive, it was the ninth to be announced. The new dog is a male Irish Wolfhound (pictured). Only last night, when President Kennedy returned to Hyannis Port, Mass., from Washington, he brought along a black and white male cocker spaniel who was announced as “No. 8.” The cocker pup was said by Mr. Salinger to be the gift of cousins of the President by the name of Barry in Ireland. The wolfhound, which arrived two days ago, is gray and stands 18 inches high. “When fully developed — he is only 3 months old — he will be 36 inches high and weigh 160 pounds,” Mr. Salinger reported. He added: “He is very, very fond of children and humans, but he does not like other dogs.” The cocker has been named Shannon, presumably after the Irish airport from which he was flown to the U.S. The wolfhound remains nameless for the moment.


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