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Director Ingmar Bergman to Take Sabbatical from Filmmaking

Mar. 10, 1962 - “Through a Glass Darkly,” which has its New York première on Tuesday, is, according to Cyrus Harvey, distributor of the Swedish drama, not only Ingmar Bergman’s 24th film but is also the first feature in a trilogy, stemming from the 43-year-old director’s exploration of religious issues. What will Mr. Bergman (pictured with Ingrid Thulin) do after the trilogy? No films for a year, said Mr. Harvey. He will take a sabbatical from moviemaking with his wife, Kabi, a concert pianist, and indulge a long-felt wish to study the music of Bach. Music, especially Bach’s works, always has fascinated Bergman, who implemented his love of Bach by using the composer’s Suite No. 2 for cello on the soundtrack of “Darkly.”


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