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Dethroned Featherweight Davey Moore Fights For His Life

Mar. 22, 1963 - Davey Moore fought for his life today, still unconscious after having been knocked out by Sugar Ramos in the fight for the featherweight boxing title last night in Los Angeles (pictured). The 29-year-old dethroned champion’s condition remained critical at White Memorial Hospital. A team of neurosurgeons reported apparent damage to the stem and lower area of Moore’s brain. Moore’s coma appeared to be deepening, according to a hospital bulletin issued this evening. California Governor Edmund G. Brown said he would ask for immediate introduction of a legislative bill authorizing a public referendum to outlaw boxing in 1964. He defended the California Athletic Commission, saying it had conducted the bout properly. But he added: “Boxing, even under ideal conditions, is a brutal sport. There is only one way to prevent death and serious injury in the ring. That is to outlaw the so-called sport completely.” Moore’s wife, Geraldine, was also admitted to the hospital today, suffering from shock and fatigue. The Moores have five children. Moore was able to talk to reporters in the dressing room after the fight. His manager, Willie Ketchum, and doctors refused to let him continue after he finished the 10th round draped on the ropes. “It just wasn’t my night,” he said afterward. His collapse came an hour after he had left the ring and most of the 26,142 spectators had gone home.


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