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De Sapio Beaten by Koch

Sept. 5, 1963 - Carmine G. De Sapio (right), the former powerful leader of Tammany Hall, lost his political comeback bid by a scant 41 votes today on the basis of unofficial returns. More than 9,000 votes were cast. De Sapio, a Democratic National committeeman, battled Edward I. Koch (left), a reformer, for the party’s district leadership in Greenwich Village. Unofficial returns show that Koch won by a mere 41 votes. De Sapio lost the district leadership two years ago, and that made him ineligible to continue as head of Tammany Hall, the Manhattan Democratic organization. “I trust it means that Mr. De Sapio will never return to the political scene in Greenwich Village,” Koch said. Asked whether he would seek a recount, De Sapio said the board of elections makes an official count next week and “that will be the final determination.” Voting machines in Manhattan were put under police guard pending the official count.


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