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Dallas Police Officer Murdered in Dallas; Possible Connection to Shooting of President

Nov. 22, 1963 - Officer J.D. Tippit, an Army veteran of World War II and an 11-year veteran with the Dallas Police Department, was shot and killed this afternoon in a residential neighborhood in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas, Texas. Several passersby witnessed the shooting, and descriptions of the killer have been provided to the Dallas Police Department. Dallas police sources say there is a possible connection between the Tippit shooting and the shooting of President Kennedy. Officer Tippit was reportedly shot four times, three times in the chest and once in the right temple. His body was transported by ambulance from the scene of the shooting to Methodist Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 1:25 p.m. local time by Dr. Richard Liguori. After pronouncing Officer Tippit dead, Dr. Liguori said he believed the bullet wound in the temple caused instant death.


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