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Dallas Police “Convinced Beyond Any Doubt” Oswald Killed President

Nov. 23, 1963 - Dallas police officials said today that they had amassed evidence enough to convict Lee Harvey Oswald of the assassination of President Kennedy. “We’re convinced beyond any doubt that he killed the President,” said Captain Will Fritz (pictured in hat), chief of the Dallas Police Homicide Bureau, after questioning Oswald and others. “I think the case is clinched.” While the 24-year-old warehouse worker continued to deny the killing under prolonged questioning, the Dallas County District Attorney, Henry Wade, said: “I think we have enough evidence to convict him now — but we anticipate a lot more evidence in the next few days.” Oswald was arrested yesterday afternoon after the President had been killed by a sniper’s rifle bullet. He was charged also with the slaying of Dallas policeman J.D. Tippit. D.A. Wade said he planned to present the case to the grand jury next Wednesday or the following Monday. He thought the case might come to trial in mid-January.


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