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Clay’s Manager Rejects Free Fight with Patterson

Mar. 16, 1964 - Cassius Clay’s manager, Bill Faversham (right with Angelo Dundee), rejected today a proposed winner-take-all heavyweight fight for charity between the new heavyweight champion and Floyd Patterson.

“I’m not going to let him do any such thing,” Faversham said after Clay had offered to fight the former champion with all proceeds going to their respective religions. Patterson, a Roman Catholic, has been critical of Clay’s association with the Black Muslim movement.

After Clay won the heavyweight championship from Sonny Liston last month in Miami Beach, it was disclosed that Intercontinental Promotions, Inc., had paid $50,000 to Clay for the right to promote Clay’s next fight. Both Liston and Garland Cherry, an attorney for Intercontinental, said today that Clay would have to give Liston a rematch before considering any other fight.


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