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Clay Dodges Chuvalo Fight, Has Eyes on Liston

Oct. 11, 1963 - Cassius Clay was rapped on the knuckles today for refusing to meet George Chuvalo, a Toronto heavyweight, after signing a document of intent. Clay was also warned he must keep active in the ring if he is to retain his rating as the No. 1 challenger for Sonny Liston’s heavyweight title. The warning to the young, brash, and unbeaten Louisville fighter came from Arch Hindman, the executive secretary of the World Boxing Association. Hindman attended a hearing in Louisville called by Bob Evans, the Kentucky Boxing Commissioner. Evans acted after Bill King, a Louisville promoter, complained that Clay had declined to meet Chuvalo in a 10-round nationally televised fight in Louisville on Nov. 8. In a statement issued to newsmen, Evans said: “In my opinion, there was a great breach of ethics. Clay has a moral obligation to fulfill his agreement to fight Chuvalo.” Clay signed the document of intent to fight the winner of the Chuvalo-Mike De John bout two weeks ago, but he changed his mind later. “Chuvalo butts and fights inside,” Clay charged. “I could get an eye injury. Chuvalo is a dirty fighter.”


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